The Platform to Start Conversations

The Platform to Start Conversations.

The Enterprise Assessment (EA) is a tool to open doors with prospects and build value with existing clients. It uses targeted questions and suggested answers to stimulate conversations. With the push of a button, EA produces a graphical roadmap to structure company growth.

How Does the Software Work?

Using a tablet or PC, select the choice that best defines the participant’s answers. Once the assessment is complete, the software immediately scores the results producing a roadmap and summary report that profiles their strengths and needs.

EA Client Boost
  • Client Boost
  • Add value to
    existing clients.
EA Lightning Bolt
  • Lightning Bolt
  • A prospecting tool to win new clients.
The Big 4 Generates 28-42% in Consulting Revenue

This is $50B plus in revenue. Most firms only do 5-10% in consulting because staff struggles to start conversations.

Develop Sales Skills

Create or advance the sales ability of Partners & staff with a dynamic & simple to follow process

Win High Value Clients

Upscale your client base by winning the type of valued business that will take your firm to the next level

Cross-Sell Services

Identify other existing client needs while increasing consulting revenue outside of compliance support

Create a Client Roadmap

Our platform asks the questions, creates a graphical assessment & starts an expanded conversation

Attract Referral Partners

Show referral partners your firm is deeper than compliance & can help their clients grow

Building Client Value

What Do Prospects Value?
They need tax returns, assurance and accounting, but owners value advice. Compliance fills a commodity need, but growing their business, managing risk, evaluating opportunities or overcoming obstacles is highly valued.

How Do You Build Existing Client Value?
Most of your clients do not understand you do more than tax, assurance or accounting. EA is a starting point to understand your client’s goals and obstacles.

The EA Questions Stimulate Conversations
They identify what owners value and provide the opportunity for your team to actively listen to their needs. EA provides the structure to elevate your relationship to the next level and differentiate you.

EA Builds Your Team
EA will get your succession team more comfortable selling. The preset questions and answers make the process of delivering high value support much easier.

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What's the ROI?

What's the ROI?

It takes one or two prospects or consulting engagements to cover the cost.

Priceless; enhanced client value, engaged staff and firm differentiation.

Impaired Leverage is a Major Issue

Impaired Leverage
It is the limited number of professionals who bring in work. This fuels CPA M&A activity. Succession teams that cannot sell force firms to merge upward.

What is Your Impaired Leverage?
Typically, it is 5%. In a 50-person firm, 5% or 2-3 people bring in most of the work. Between growth needs and runoff, i.e. consulting, aging clients, etc., which is likely another 10% of replacement need, most firms are looking at a 15-20% new revenue need.

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Standard Onboarding

Getting Started. Two 1-hour training sessions are included in the subscription fee. Live support is also avalable Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm CST at no additional cost.

Firm Admin Kickoff. Onboarding for firm leadership and designated admin members to ensure a successful and impactful implementation process.

  1. How to set up your firm’s account and add employees
  2. Live walk through on how to conduct assessments and run reports
  3. Best practices on how and when to use the EA suite

User Training Overview. A brief discussion on firm growth and how the enterprise assessment fits in. Then, a detailed training of the software and how to ask the questions.

  1. Discussion on when and how to apply each of the modules
  2. How to use the questions and answers
  3. Open forum Q&A to ensure a high adoption and usage rate

Optional Advanced Training

Onsite Training. A one-day session that starts with firm wide sales concepts; a deep introduction of the Enterprise Assessment; a growth session with key partners and marketing or business development; focused sales training for select firm members using the Lightning Bolt module; client mining with select staff using the Client Boost module; a partner wrap meeting.

Growth Monitoring. A quarterly review of the firm’s growth progress, discussion of areas to refine and new ideas to achieve goals.

Opportunity Consulting. Pre-call meetings and post-call debriefings on any  prospect, referral partner or existing client opportunity. To develop a meeting strategy and suggest closing ideas.

Other CPA Firm Services

  1. Custom CPA M&A Searches
  2. Firm Sustainability Analysis
  3. Top 20 & Next 20 Mapping Process
  4. Alignment & Growth Officer

Created and Supported by The Visionary Group.

Visionary has 25 years of exclusively working with CPA firms providing organic growth, custom CPA M&A searches and succession plans.
Engage Staff. Increase Revenue. Give our team a call at (888) 302-9645!

All-In Pricing. Get Your Whole Team Involved.

We charge based on the total number of employees in your firm. Today’s professionals want to be consultative and the Enterprise Assessment gives them the ability to rapidly expand their advisory, sales and networking capabilities.

Unlimited Storage – Unlimited Usage – USA Based Support – No Set Up Fee

  • 1 - 15
  • $6,000
  • USD / Annually
  • 16 - 40
  • $9,750
  • USD / Annually
  • 41 - 75
  • $14,500
  • USD / Annually
  • 76 - 149
  • $19,500
  • USD / Annually
  • 150 +
  • Call Us
  • For Pricing

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  1. Use this platform to target and win key prospects
  2. Add value to existing clients and create revenue
  3. Engage your staff into the firm’s growth process
  4. Begin teaching staff how to become advisors
  5. Start teaching professionals at all levels how to sell
  6. Approach referral sources with a compelling message

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